Media memes limit our world view. On this tumblr, I will post links to news and information beyond the media headlines. Looking through a myriad of news sources, columns, blogs, JStewart episodes and documentaries to appreciate current events is a pain. So I hope my page will provide you an easy and quick way to see what else happens in our world.


A raw documentary about Nobel Prize winner and former President of Doctors Without Borders Dr. James Orbinski’s time serving in civil war-torn Somalia.  A worthwhile discussion of how “humanitarianism” has become intertwined with politics. 

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Un-declared famine in Somalia


The faces of the East Africa famine

Newly arrived refugees wait for aid at the refugee camp in Dadaab, near the Kenya-Somalia border. Photos were taken by Reuters photographers.

Watch Al-Jazeera English: Organizations providing aid to Somalia face scrutiny

Listen to NPR: Aid Trickles In To Famine-Ravaged Somalia

Read the BBC: Fighting in Mogadishu after aid delivery

Monitor coverage on Somalia

Tumblr’s Somalia featured items


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"The biggest threat to Western values"

Multiculturalism does not pose a significant danger to Western values - but neoliberalism does.” -Tarak Barkawi, Al-Jazeera

I liked this article because it voices my growing concern with neo-fascism’s blanket condemnation of multiculturalism.  In my mind this group is much more indiscriminate in its hatred toward the “other” than most terrorist organizations.  In many situations, terrorists link to their actions to political grievances but neo-fascists respond viscerally to race.  

By the end of the article, however, the skeptic in me still asked, “How did he sneak neo-liberalism into here?”

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I want the mainstream media—and I’ve said this for a couple years now—I want to help them.

I have a journalism degree. That is what I studied. I understand that this cornerstone of our democracy is a free press, is sound journalism. I want to help them build back their reputation and allow Americans to be able to trust what it is that they’re reporting.

Sarah Palin during her interview with Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody

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Should Americans worry about Norway?

"So let’s ask that question about the real Breivik attack: Could an anti-Muslim bigot commit a large-scale terrorist attack in the U.S.? The answer is, Absolutely, because the same anti-Muslim bigotry that influenced Breivik in Europe is widespread here." -Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast.

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Steig Larsson Warned of Neo-Nazi Movements

Al-Qaeda is a very real threat but Europe should not ignore home-grown terrorism.  Steigg Larson, author of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” spent his life on Neo-Nazi hit-lists.   

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The West's time in Libya drawing to an impatient close

Is this really the result of the NATO intrusion into Libya?

Gaddafi managing to remain in Libya, therefore, would not only allow him a safe and secure place from which to meddle with the country’s new government, but also give his anti-imperialist, anti-Western propaganda ranting a degree of credibility it never enjoyed before.” -Bruce Crumley,

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There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like, you know, the Hitler Youth or whatever. I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing.

Glenn Beck’s tasteful insight, talking about the political camp on Utoya Island where Breivik opened fire.

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Refugee camps full of fleeing Libyans

It breaks my heart to see yet another refugee camp filled with people desperate for safety.  Yes, those who have escaped from Libya have escaped from brutality.  But living in a refugee camp is a miserable existence in itself.  

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Anders Breivik's Thoughts

Reminiscent of Tim McVeigh?

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